Third Karuna Tripadi at New Jersy USA on 10-JUL-2004

On July 10th (Saturday), Prasad Shastri organized a whole day program cum get together at his home for the devotees of P.P. Nana maharaj.

The planning had started a month in advance to gather information on bhakta-gan and then inviting them for the program. This was the third such program being held in the US. Earlier two were more of samuhik Karunatripadi. This time, an elaborate function was planned, as this was falling immediately after the "guru-pornima".

There were around 10 people for the morning session and approximately 28-30 people for the evening program.

Following were the program details:

 9.00 am to 1.00 pm - Chakri parayan (joint parayan) of P.P.Nana's pothi
1:00 pm - Naivedya and lunch
5:30 pm - Samuhik Karunatripadi followed by Aarti
7:30 pm onwards - Bhajan
9:00 pm - Dinner/ Mahaprasad


 The bhajans and aarti's sung on the day, were mostly those that are sung at PP Nana's darbar in Indore. People had come from neighboring parts of New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Overall, it was a great fulfilling experience and everyone got a chance to meet and share his or her experiences of sahavas with P.P. Nana.

 On Sunday (July 11th), some of the devotees visited Bridgewater temple, at a driving distance of 26 miles from Prasadís home.

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